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Hoa Binh Province


Hoa Binh is an ancient, mountainous land with the depth of historical and cultural traditions closely associated with the famous “Hoa Binh Culture of the Stone Age”.

This region is endowed by nature with numerous natural caves, grottoes, grandiose primeval forests and romantic lakes to creat an extremely charming landscape. The folk songs and sounds of gongs from well-off villages of Muong Bi, Muong Vang, Muong Thang, Muong Dong; the dances performed by the sweet and graceful Thai girls in Mai Chau at nights festivals; the melodious pan-pie of the H’Mong boys in Hang Kia-Pa Co; together with the jolly bell dance of the Dao ethnic group in Da Bac… The diverse indentities of the ethnic group here have mingled and built up the tasty Hoa Binh Culture. Once in Hoa Binh, visitors will not only be in communion with the beautiful nature, experience the indentities of the ethnic group living here but also indulge in the sweet pipe wine, enjoy the unique, delicious foods in the cosy stilt house at the ecotourism and resort spots…which are so appealing to visitors from every conner of the world.

The beautiful nature, the friendly people with countless interesting things is awaiting everyone.


Hoa Binh Tourist Joint Stock Company

Hoa Binh Tourism JSC has been a leading business of Hoa Binh tourism industry since1976. Throughout its long process of development, the business received and served tourist arrivals coming from over 30 countries over the world of which French tourists accounted up to 70 percent. Hoa Binh Tourism JSC always brings the true experience for visitors, it has become the best choice partner of co-operation for domestic and oversea travel agencies as well as visitors who wish to learn about the culture and experience eco-tourism in Hoa Binh.

Hoa Binh Hotel

about-imgLocated in the spacious green, airy campus, a farvorable position about 1 km from the Hoabinh city center to the road connecting to Son La province, Hoa Binh hotel is a harmonious combination of the stilts architecture, traditional villages of Muong ethnic people, but still maintains the modernity. Our 3 stars hotel is closely connected with the luxurious restaurant, characterized by the Muong culture, with service such as outdoor bar, coffee louge, special traditional art troupe, together with the first high-class cruise on Hoa Binh reservoir will provide visitors great surprise and sense of perfection.